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continuing coverage ahead on the aftermath of the two bombings in boston and what is being revealed in the information. good afternoon. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. we begin with a developing situation in the south bay. a hazardous material situation we've been reporting on all morning has forced a power alert in the san jose area. let's get straight out to
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ktvu's tara moriarty who is in san jose with what is going on right now. tara? >> reporter: sabotage or stealing copper. these are some theories being floated around out here. regarding what happened this morning, vandalism to the pg&e substakes and also some -- sub station and also vandalism down the road on monterey street here. authorities say some fiber cables were cut shutting down cell and landline service for thousands of at&t customers in the san jose and gilroy area. that means 911 calls were affected, although we don't know the extent of the problem just yet. this video shows the scene headed northbound on monterey. there's a fleet of pg&e and at&t service vehicles. this is the area from which sheriff's deputies say people heard 30 to 40 gunshots around 1:45 this morning. >> the substation has vandalized earlier this morning. there was damage done.
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there was an oil leak to the substation and we're currently working to assess the situation. >> reporter: pg&e reported a breach in one of the fences. our video shows oil spewing out of at least one transformer at the metcalf substakes. authorities -- sub station but authorities won't say if bullets struck it but that's what it looks like. >> there's no danger of any explosions. there's no danger to the public at this point. right now we're just trying to clean up the hazmat situation and then we'll conduct a criminal investigation. >> reporter: now, in the meantime, a flex alert has been urged for businessessage areas in the san jose area to conserve electricity now following heavy damage to the metcalf substation. coming up at 5:00, john fouler will do some digging to see if we can get any more questions
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answered about what's going on. we've seen a huge number of service vehicles go in and out of this area all morning long. so if there's any more information, we will, of course, bring it to you in our later broadcast. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara, for the update. to our other top story today -- the boston marathon bombing attacks. three people were killed. more than 170 others injured in yesterday's double blast. at least 17 of those people we understand are critically injured. now, today investigators released new details of how the bombs were made, say they were fashioned out of pressure cookers and packed with shards of metal, nails and ball bears. today president obama -- ball bearings. today president obama called the attacks heinous and promised justice. the president said the fbi is treating the attacks as an act of terrorism. >> any time bombs are used to
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target innocent civilians. , it's an act of -- civilians, it's an act of terror. we don't know who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic, or was the act of a mal lev lent -- malevolent individual. that's what we don't know. we're at the beginning of our investigation. we'll take time to follow every lead and determine what happened. but we will find out. >> the president ordered flags at the white house and all government buildings to be flown at half-staff in honor of the bombing victims. tips are pouring into the fbi as the joint terrorism task force pieces together what happened and why. ktvu sea 's alex savidge is in our newsroom with more. >> well, "the associated press" reported the two bombs were made out of pressure cookers
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packed with metal, ball bearings and all of this designed to cause the most serious injuries. federal investigators are interviewing a variety of people as they try to figure out who designed and detonated those devices. [screaming] >> a camera attached to a marathon runner captured this view of one of the explosions. two bombs went off seconds apart near the finish line of the boston marathon. a little while ago, one injured spectator spoke from the hospital. >> you're mad because why? why do people do this, whether for religion or politics, whatever the case may be, it's not worth it. >> reporter: according to one report, explosives were packed into six-liter pressure cookers, placed in duffel backs and left on the ground. investigators say -- bags and left on the ground. investigators say no one is in custody. but they are working quickly. >> this will be a worldwide
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investigation. we will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects responsible for this despicable crime. >> reporter: overnight authorities searched this apartment in the city of revere outside boston but talk about what they -- but would not talk about what they found. the fbi is urging everyone to turn over videos and pictures that may offer clues to who set off the bombs. the bombs killed three people, including martin, this 8-year- old. doctors said they removed pellets and nails from many patients. >> a variety of sharp objebllths we found in the bod -- objects we found in the bodies. probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in there. >> reporter: doctors said any shrapnel will be turned over to investigators who are trying to
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understand how these crude explosive devices were constructed and what was used to set them off along the crowded marathon route. >> within the last half-hour, authorities have identified a second victim kill yesterday as crystal campbell of massachusetts. so far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the bombings and the fbi now trying to figure out if this attack was carried out by an international organization, a domestic group or someone acting alone. we're live this afternoon in the newsroom, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. increased security measures are in place in the nation's capitol. the secret service has expanded its perimeter around the white house putting up yellow tape to keep people away. increased security has also been reported along the metro subway station and along the routes of the emans dation day parade which went on -- he emancipation day parade which went on. officers are walking around
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with their dogs checking garbage cans. now, there are still many questions left unanswered. right now we want to take you live to boston where jennifer davis is standing by. jennifer, what can you tell us about what's happening now at the scene of the explosions? >> reporter: well, they are certainly sifting through every bit of evidence and that's where the details have come about the pressure cookers. they found shredded pieces of those kitchen devices that has given them a great idea of how the bombs were made. we've been getting details from the doctors at the office who gave those clues as well and said as we were seeing our patients as we were helping them through our surgeries we were finding this metal and the information is coming from different areas. there is the front but with over -- there's the investigation but with over 170 victims, there's help for them. some have had their legs
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amputated. there are two fronts as this town tries to recover from what happened here yesterday. >> certainly the investigation continues this morning. have -- we listened to the fbi press conference this morning where they really said no one is in custody. no talk about a motive yet. have you heard any updates on that? >> reporter: no. they've really been very consistent in saying there's no motive, that there's no -- there's no suspect. they don't know if this is a domestic or international organization. no one has taken credit for this as sometimes happens after something like this. they are going over the threats made for the last 30 days. just up the road here where all of this unfolded, because both of those bombs detonated they have to pick through to find
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pieces. there had been initial reports that maybe there was some undetonated bombs, that turned out not to be true. they only have to work with all of the pieces that they are able to find at the crime scene. >> we understand that that could be a crime scene for several days. jennifer davis there live in boston. thank you for the update. back here in the bay area, heightened security is inevitable at this year's beta breakers race a month away. organizers said the safety and security of race participants and spectators will be their first priority. now, they will be working closely with san francisco police in the coming days to update their security plans. we're also learning more today about a 12-year-old boy from martinez who is among those injured in the boston marathon bombings. family members say aaron hearn was hit in the thigh by some of
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that that prap fell -- sh rappel we have -- shrapnel we've been talking about. sal castanedo has more about this. >> reporter: the hearn family is well-known in martinez. the father is a football coach. his children go to the local public schools. 12-year-old aaron hearn of martinez was one of the people hurt yesterday in the boston marathon attacks. his family says his injuries are serious but he's expected to survive. hearn who attends junior high is son of allen hearn. allen hearn is an alumy and p.e. teacher. today, the alhambra principal said before the race, the coach spoke of the excitement about his wife and the marathon. >> they were very excited that katherine qualified and allen and their friend went out to support them. >> reporter: the principal said she was removed to hear the coach and his wife and
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daughters were okay and is glad to know aaron's injuries are not life-threatening. she said today at lunch, students will write sympathy and get-well notes. >> good student, very well- liked in the community. >> you think he will come here? >> yeah, he will come here. >> reporter: now, the principal told us and also sent out an e- mail to parents saying that aaron -- 12-year-old aaron was hit by shrapnel. he was in intensive care for a bit but his family says he's expected to survive. live in martinez, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, sal. thank you. in the wake of the boston bombings, b.a.r.t. has heightened security throughout its system. b.a.r.t. has added police patrols on trains and has increased security at the stations. b.a.r.t. has not received any information to suggestion it's a -- suggest it's a potential
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target. however, riders are encouraged to report any unusual activity to police or to b.a.r.t. personnel. now, stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 news throughout the day and evening for the very latest on the boston bombings and the investigation. we also have breaking news any time of day on our website, where we have video from this morning's news conferences with president obama, the boston police commissioner and the special fbi agents in charge. >> reporter: the south bay boys accused of sexually assaulting a young girl who later committed suicide were in juvenile court today. we'll have the latest on the proceedings. steve paulson is up in about fine minutes da -- nine minutes with details on a warmup. the family of a little girl is grieving her devastating loss today. we'll tell you what happened behind this house and the attempts to save her.
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investigators are looking into two deadly fires last night in san jose. the first one started at about 8:30 at a home on south daniel way. firefighters say the house was fully engulfed when they arrived and strong winds made it difficult to fight. they did pull an elderly woman out of the house but could not save her. another person was found dead inside the home after the fire
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was put out. the cause is still under investigation. another tragic house fire just a few hours later has a san jose family grieving over the death of their little girl. ktvu's janine de la vega spoke with the girl's family and tells us what happened moments before the fire started. >> reporter: there's no damage from the fire on the outside on fifth and japan but the -- in japantown. but we were told by relatives that mariah angel gomez was the little girl found dead when the fire broke out just around 11:30. >> we tried to get true the house. they were -- through the house. they were still in there. my daughter and i were screaming. we couldn't get her. >> reporter: firefighters found her body inside a bunk bed we signed the house in a garage -- behind the house in a garage that had been converted in a --
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into a garage. >> he when she saw her little girl with her hair burning she brought her inside and then the grandmother went outside to help the older girl and -- too much fire. >> my dad said when he went in, he heard her criming. he was -- crying. he was calling for her. after that he said he didn't her from her know more. >> reporter: she was a first grader from grant elementary neighbors who heard about this came by and offered condolences. >> someone give knee some flowers and i -- me some flowers and i thought i would bring them to her. if she needs anything i'm here for her. >> reporter: firefighters haven't said whether smoke detectors were found in the garage. they are still investigating what started the fire. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. we just learned that american airlines has asked the faa to ground all of its flights until 5:00 p.m. eastern time due to a computer
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problem. some passengers we understand are stuck on planes. others cannot make reservations. a smokeperson at mineta says one flight to dallas was delayed about an hour. four flights are being held until 2:00 this afternoon at sfo. we've called the oakland airport to check in but have not heard back yet. well, a lot of sunshine here. but still some off-and-on snow in the somewhere nevada. two forecasts here. one in our own backyard has really cold conditions this morning. but now sunny and nice. a little breezy, about 25, 20 miles an hour. 25, napa airport. everything is clearing. last hour within the hour, truckee reported some snow and also in tahoe valley, some snow. the system is holding on along the crest of the sierra. but for the bay area, everything is clear skies. it was cold this morning, though. had some upper 20s and 30s. everything looks good right
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now. the fog has been pushed out to sea. the clouds have been pushed out to sea. it will be crystal clear. great visibility. see some of that rain turning to snow. higher elevations turned to some snow. i know there's been about seven, eight inches. some areas around 7,000-foot level had four to six inches. you can see some developing kind of working its way along topaz lake and mammoth. 60s on the temperatures. everyone is really close here. upper 50s, low 60s. we're inching up. average this time of year, about 63, 71. we'll be close to that today. north wind out at fairfield, 22 miles an hour. northwest at napa, north at santa rosa, that's a signed of things to come. oakland, sfo, livermore, san jose. 27 degrees in tahoe and snow. forget spring. taste of winter up there. but 60s in the valley all the way down to southern california. kind of cool. that cool air this time of year settled in. big system will make a huge impact as it moves across the country. some of that snowshowers in the -- some of that snowshower is
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in the sierra. the wind turning north- northeast. sunny and breezy. great visibility, a little warmer. 50s, 60s and 70s. low 70s here but overall, a lot of upper 60s. temperatures will continue, though, over the next couple of days up. pam, tomorrow morning will be cold. >> okay. >> but then we'll see sunshine and warmer weather. upper 70s. it looks even warmer as we go into thursday, friday and then with the upcoming weekend. not much change. this may be the last system for a while. things calming down a little bit and getting sunny and warmer. nice to have you here at the noon news. >> thank you. i'm missing my nap time. tahoe snow and some are opened? squaw? >> yes. >> thank you. >> any time. three teenagers appeared in juvenile court in the sexual assault case of a 15-year-old south bay girl who took her own life. robert honda joins us from san jose with the very latest on these proceedings which will determine whether the teens
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will be released to their parents. >> as with any -- >> reporter: as with any juvenile cases we were not allowed inside the courtroom. we were outside, the facility that houses where the boys were held and the juvenile court where the the boys and the -- where the boysen the pot family -- boys and the pott was. the boys are accused of sexually molesting a drunk an unconscious audrie pott and taking pictures of her and distributing them. >> i mean, that's just heinous. it's disgusting. who would say that? it's obvious that this is the only connection. >> these individuals calculated their assault, harassed the victim with the photos and then took steps to cover up the evidence. >> reporter: now, we do not
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know if a decision has been made here at the juvenile court. there has been in effect sort of an unofficial gag order it seems because now nobody from either side is talking about this case even off camera. so at this point, we are still waiting to find out if the boys are released. we don't know if it's an indication of the outcome. but robert ailard as well as the audrie pott family members have given us notice that we will not be doing any -- that they will not be doing any interviews. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news, back to you. up next, a look at the stocks and how the victims are being remembered in the boston bombing.
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taking a live look at the big board, new york stock exchanges, a nice recovery after the big loss yesterday. the dow jones up 125 points. >> the victims of the boston bombings were remembered on wall street today just one sound of the bell followed by a moment of silence on the another of the new york stock exchange, as traders pause to honor those injured and those killed. tonight on the 5:00 news, patti lee will be in boston. she's looking for bay area residents hurt in yesterday's blast at the boston marathon or in the crowd when the explosions happened. they are still looking for witnesses and pictures of the
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events. thank you for watching us here. we're always here for you at and mobile
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